Updating Your School's Student Roster

We require full student rosters to be loaded into the iTAMES website so Allied Health Care practitioners are able to record the services they provide. If we don't have your current roster, a new student might not be represented in iTAMES, and the practitioner won't be able to add services for them.

A few things to keep in mind:
1. If you're submitting for multiple schools, please combine all schools into a single roster.
2. If you're unable to combine them, please hold rosters until all can be emailed at once.
3. Make sure the school names in your roster document aren't coded — include the actual school name.
4. Please use the following codes for non-numeric grades: Kindergarten (0), pre-K (-1), Early Childhood (-2)
5. Columns should be, in order: Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Name of Attending School, Grade Level.
6. Don't include student nicknames in the roster — for example, Jeremy (Jerry). Only include the student's full legal name.

Below is an example of a properly formatted roster. Please ensure all the information in the headers match this example. This will speed the process along considerably.