Using the iTames website as a data collection tool is a giant leap forward in terms of efficiency, convenience, and ease of use. The biggest advantages offered to your districts are:

  • The use of the iTames website is FREE.
  • Your technology staff is freed from installing or maintaining any software.
  • The district's computer network servers are not burdened with operating a program or storing data.
  • iTames users can access the site from anywhere they can get an Internet connection: school, home, local library, etc. This provides increased flexibility for their required recordkeeping. More opportunity to record increases the likelihood that services will be reported — and that means more Medicaid reimbursement dollars to the district.
  • Data entered is immediately received by TAMES — freeing your staff from the responsibility of periodic data exchanges.
  • Because administrators can view practitioner recordkeeping activity at any time, professional accountability can be more closely monitored.
  • The logistical and ecological headache of shuffling reams of paper logsheets back and forth is eliminated.

iTames makes data collection easy on your staff. And once your data is entered, TAMES staff uses its proprietary software and more than 25 years of experience to file your claims.

Take advantage of the TAMES expertise and receive all the Medicaid funds you are entitled to.